Hantai Zhi's appearance at the 3rd China Unmanned Retail Exhibition


Hantai Zhi's appearance at the 3rd China Unmanned Retail Exhibition

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From August 21 to 23, 2019, the 3rd China Unmanned Retail Exhibition opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the exhibition is "Building New Retail Consumption Together", which attracts nearly 500 enterprises to participate in the exhibition. It provides a high-end platform for intelligent technology enterprises to exchange ideas and seek common development. Hantai Intelligence, as China's leading overall solution provider for self-service terminals, will bring four new self-developed smart machines to the exhibition.



In this exhibition, Hantai Intelligence has constructed a number of personalized and diversified real application scenarios in the exhibition area. Self-service terminals based on AI technology and real scene application experience have attracted the attention of many customers and professionals, and have come to experience and negotiate. The main exhibition products are:


1. Alcohol detection terminal: accurately identify the identity of pre-service alcohol inspectors, cooperate with high-definition camera, effectively eliminate the cheating behavior of replacing blowing, through the automatic reading of identity cards, while automatic detection and snapping of face recognition system, to achieve the identification and field comparison.


2. Medical self-service terminal: Integrating face recognition function, it can provide one-stop non-diagnostic and therapeutic items such as card issuance, recharge, reservation, registration, payment, list printing, invoice printing, etc. for patients, which greatly shortens the waiting time of patients in non-diagnostic and therapeutic links and effectively improves the quality of medical services.


3. Multifunctional interactive advertising terminal: Subverting the basic form of traditional advertising machine, through the design of double-screen, can better let consumers and businesses interactive display. Supporting commercial advertisement display and mobile phone charging.


4. Hotel self-service check-in terminal: integration of online booking, face recognition, management system docking, system smooth upgrade and other fashionable functions and advanced technology. To achieve full self-service of customers, improve customer experience and stickiness, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the hotel market.



Hantai Intelligent Pavilion focuses on multi-scene intelligent terminal solutions, covering business, medical, government, transportation, and also shows the core technology behind Hantai Intelligent products and solutions, fully demonstrating the deep accumulation of Hantai Intelligent in the field of self-service and strong innovation ability. Hantai Intelligent Deep Cultivation Self-help Industry has been devoting 10 years to providing customers with the overall solution of Intelligent Hardware + System Software + Operational Services.




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