"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Pleasant Feelings"--A Symposium on Mid-Autumn Festival for New Employees in 2019


"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Pleasant Feelings"--A Symposium on Mid-Autumn Festival for New Employees in 2019

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Golden autumn is refreshing and sweet cinnamon is fragrant. On the coming season of Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to celebrate the festival, promote new employees to integrate into the company team more quickly, and to understand the needs of employees and problems encountered in their work in a timely manner, the company held the Mid-Autumn Festival Symposium for New Employees in 2019 in the conference room on the afternoon of September 11, with 19 new employees, general managers and related staff. The person in charge also participated in the discussion.


The Symposium officially began at 16:00 p.m. and was presided over by Zhang Jiucheng, the head of the administrative department. Jiang Jianhe, the general manager, Ying Xue, the deputy general manager and Huang Li, the deputy general manager, also participated in the symposium. Zhao Guangdong, as a representative of the veteran staff, also made a heartfelt sharing. After graduating from the major of industrial design of Jianghan University, he was recruited to enter Dang. At the beginning, I was confused about the direction of my work and met many difficulties in my work. When I met problems, I got the selfless help of the company leaders and the old staff. After continuous honing, I got rapid growth, and determined that my personal goals and company vision and values were integrated into one. From now on, the individual must have a positive and upward attitude in his work, regard company affairs as his own affairs, exert his greatest energy, maintain a serious working attitude, and strive for perfection, and he will surely be able to continuously improve and develop.


After sharing with the representatives of the old employees, the new employees talked freely about their feelings and problems in their lives when they entered Hantai. Through this symposium, we felt that the company attached great importance to the training of new employees, and built a variety of work platforms to help new employees grow. At the same time, in view of the future development of enterprises, the participants also spoke enthusiastically and put forward their own opinions and suggestions.


The general manager of the company thanks the new employees for their positive suggestions and suggestions, and sends you holiday wishes in advance. In view of the problems raised by new employees, we promise to solve them as soon as possible. At the same time, we hope that you can adapt to the company's environment as soon as possible, exert your personal expertise and contribute your wisdom to the company's high-quality development.


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